Castor Structure

Repair: Replacement of structural steel members

Industry: Steel Manufacturing  |  Date:  November 2010  |  Time Frame: Two Months  |  Staffing: 11 People


We were invited to tender for the replacement of parts of a castor structure which supports ladles of molten steel. The area that required replacing was around the spray chamber where the hot billet is cooled. Due to the corrosive environment, structural steel in this area requires replacing every so often

The project involved decommissioning machinery and water pipes before cutting out old corroded structural beams and floor plates then replacing them with new ones. Our staff surveyed machinery before and after to make sure all heights and alignment of machinery were correct, which is vitally important in the steel making process

During the project the scope of work changed as more beams required replacing than originally anticipated by the client.  Because of this we had staff working night shift to have steel ready for installation the following day − another project with tight time constraints. The client was very pleased with service we provided and could not believe the speed with which the parts were installed and the project completed


This project involved working at heights and complicated, heavy lifts.  During the demolition phase temporary static lines and inertia reels were installed which staff wearing harnesses connected to.  The nature and position of the job precluded the use of scaffolding and EWPs at this stage of the project.

Lifting steel beams into very restricted areas required masterful rigging skills. As always with this type of work safety was a major consideration and during the project hazards were constantly changing. It required step-by-step management and team co-operation to resolve these hazards. Our staff were recognised by the client for outstanding safety practices. Staff adapted to the changing conditions of the project but stayed grounded in the fundamental principles that have made us successful


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