Steel Tempering System

Installation: In-line steel bar tempering system (QTB)

Industry: Steel Manufacturing  |  Date:  2005  |  Time Frame: Five Months  |  Staffing: 32 People


The Pacific Steel Rolling Mill required the installation of a new in-line steel bar tempering system in their existing plant. Steelcraft were their choice for this extensive, high value project

The purpose of the new machine was to quench (harden) red-hot steel bar after the rolling process to produce a stronger, tougher steel reinforcing bar.  There were a number of components to be installed; the primary part being the QTB Car (Quench Tempered Bar) - the unit where the quenching process takes place, which can be moved in and out of the production line as required.  In addition  there was the associated water, oil and hydraulic pipe work, pumps and controls; as well as the steel guides, pinch rolls and drive rollers

The main installation had to be completed within a two week shut down period which required the use of both night and day crews. Prior to the main shut down, water and oil pipes were installed.   Pipes of up to 400NB were installed over a distance of 250m.  This included the upgrade of pipe work around the cooling tower and modification to water manifolds. During the main shut down period part of the plant was cut away to make way for the QTB car - which is 25m long. The unit was manufactured in China then assembled and installed in Auckland by Steelcraft


During the initial part of the installation we were required to work around production constraints and running plant . This required daily planning and regular communication with all staff involved in the project. This project required a diverse crew who were skilled and were able to meet the time restrictions imposed. The end result was a high quality installation completed on time


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